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150 Old People’s Names (+ Meanings)


Welcome to our list of 150 Old People’s Names, where we look at their meanings, the origin of the name, some fun nicknames for the name and the famous people that have borne the names.

Names come in and out of fashion, and many of these names are starting to make a comeback in the modern era!

You may be looking for names for a new baby that are a little different and some of these names are starting to become trendy again.

From Adelaide, Darcy and Cyril, to Irving, Marvin, Raymond and many more - let’s get going through our list of both male and female old people's names.

1. Adelaide

Meaning: Noble Natured

Origin: Germanic (Adalheidis)

Nicknames: Addie, Adelai, Lai, Lady, Ada

Famous People: Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, Adelaide Hall, Adelaide Anne Procter

2. Agatha

Meaning: Good, Honourable

Origin: Greek

Nicknames: Aggie, Agna, Ags

Famous People: Agatha Barbara, Agatha Christie, Agatha Sangma

3. Agnes

Meaning: Pure, Holy

Origin: Greek

Nicknames: Aggie, Ness, Nessie, Ags

Famous People: Agnes of Rome, Agnes Moorehead, Agnes Nixon

4. Albert

Meaning: Noble and Bright

Origin: Germanic (Adalbert)

Nicknames: Al, Bert, Bertie, Ally

Famous People: Albert Einstein, Albert Brooks, Albert Schweitzer

5. Alfred

Meaning: Wise

Origin: English (Ælfræd)

Nicknames: Al, Alf, Alfie, Fred, Freddie, Ally

Famous People: Alfred Hitchcock, Alfred Nobel, Alfred the Great

6. Alice

Meaning: of Nobility, Noble

Origin: French (Alis)

Nicknames: Al, Elsie, Lisa, Allie, Liz

Famous People: Alice Cooper, Alice Walker, Princess Alice of the United Kingdom, Alice Munro

7. Alvin

Meaning: Elf, Magical Being, Friend

Origin: English (Aetheiwine)

Nicknames: Al, Alvy, Vin, Vinnie, Alvo

Famous People: Alvin Lee, Alvin Plantinga, Alvin Morris (Tony Martin)

8. Amos

Meaning: To Carry, Borne by God

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Mo, Ame, Moss, Mossy, Amo

Famous People: Amos Bronson Alcott, Amos Dolbear, Amos Diggory, Amos Lee

9. Archibald

Meaning: Genuine, Precious, Bold

Origin: Germanic (Erchan-Bald)

Nicknames: Archie, Arch, Baldie, Arry

Famous People: Archibald MacLeish, Archibald Hill

10. Arnold

Meaning: Eagle Power, Bright Eagle

Origin: Germanic (arn-wald)

Nicknames: Arn, Arnie, Arno, Arney, Arry

Famous People: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arnold Palmer, Arnold Vosloo

11. Atticus

Meaning: Belonging to Atticus, Athenian

Origin: Latin (Atticus)

Nicknames: Art, At, Attie, Ats

Famous People: Atticus Finch, Atticus (philosopher), Atticus Ross

12. Barbara

Meaning: Stranger, Foreign

Origin: Greek (barbarus)

Nicknames: Bab, Babs, Barb, Barbie, Bars

Famous People: Barbara Walters, Barbara Streisand, Barbara Eden

13. Basil

Meaning: King, Emperor

Origin: Greek (Basileus)

Nicknames: Bas, Baz, Bassy

Famous People: Basil Fawlty, Basil Rathbone, Basil Brush

14. Beatrix

Meaning: Voyager, Blessed

Origin: Latin (Viatrix)

Nicknames: Birdy, Bettie, Bea, Trix

Famous People: Beatrix Potter, Beatrice Webb, Beatrix Farrand

15. Benedict

Meaning: Blessed, Well Spoken

Origin: Latin (bene-dicte)

Nicknames: Ben, Bennie, Ned, Bendo, Dick, Benno

Famous People: Pope Benedict XV, Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Arnold

16. Bennett

Meaning: Blessed

Origin: French (Benoît)

Nicknames: Ben, Bennie, Benedict, Nett, Nettie

Famous People: Bennett Cerf, Bennett Miller, Bennett M. Stewart, Bennett Champ Clark

17. Bernadette

Meaning: Brave as a Bear

Origin: Germanic (French female form of Germanic ber-hard (Bernard))

Nicknames: Benny, Bettie, Birdie

Famous People: Bernadette Peters, Bernadette Nolan, Bernadette Lafont

18. Bernard

Meaning: Brave as a Bear

Origin: French / West Germanic (Bern-hard)

Nicknames: Bernie, Bern, Barney

Famous People: Bernie Sanders, Bernie Mac, Bernie Taupin

19. Bernice

Meaning: Bringer of Victory

Origin: Greek (Berenike)

Nicknames: Berry, Bernie, Binnie, Bunny

Famous People: Bernice Rubens, Bernice Morgan, Bernice Neugarten, Bernice Fisher

20. Bertha

Meaning: Bright One

Origin: Germanic (berhta)

Nicknames: Berth, Birdie, Bertie

Famous People: Bertha von Suttner, Bertha Moss, Bertha Wilson

21. Blythe

Meaning: Merry, Cheerful

Origin: English (bliðe)

Nicknames: Blythie, Bee, Bly, Blee, Byte

Famous People: Blythe Auffarth, Blythe Danner, Blythe Duff, Blythe Loutit

22. Brian/Bryan

Meaning: High, Noble

Origin: Irish (brian)

Nicknames: Bri, Ryan, Bro

Famous People: Brian May, Bryan Cranston, Bryan Adams

23. Bruce

Meaning: From the Brushwood Thicket, The Willowlands

Origin: Norman (Brix)

Nicknames: Brucey

Famous People: Bruce Wayne, Robert the Bruce, Bruce Springsteen

24. Calvin

Meaning: Bald

Origin: Latin (calvus)

Nicknames: Cal, Vin, Vinnie

Famous People: Calvin Klein, John Calvin Coolidge, Calvin Brodus (Snoop Dogg)

25. Camilla

Meaning: Acolyte, Helper to the Priest

Origin: Latin (camillus)

Nicknames: Milly, Milla, Cam

Famous People: Camilla Parker Bowles, Camilla Collett, Camilla Belle

26. Cecil

Meaning: Sixth Child / Blind

Origin: Welsh (Seisyllt) / Latin (Caecilius)

Nicknames: Cec, Cid, Cil

Famous People: Cecil DeMille, Cecil Taylor, Cecil Rhodes

27. Chester

Meaning: Fortress, Camp

Origin: English (Chester)

Nicknames: Chess, Chet, Chessy

Famous People: Chester Alan Arthur, Chester Gould, Chester Nimitz

28. Clara

Meaning: Clear, Bright, Shining, Famous

Origin: Latin (clarus)

Nicknames: Clare, Ra, Class, Clarie

Famous People: Clare Fischer, Clare Boothe Luce, Clare Balding, Clare Martin

29. Clarence

Meaning: Bright, Shining, Gentle

Origin: Latin (clarus)

Nicknames: Lars, Clay, Clancy

Famous People: Clarence Thomas, Clarence Birdseye

30. Clifford

Meaning: Ford by a Cliff

Origin: English (clif-ford)

Nicknames: Cliff, Kip, Ford

Famous People: Clifford Smith, Clifford Burton, Clifford the Big Red Dog

31. Cornelia

Meaning: Horn

Origin: Latin (cornelia)

Nicknames: Nelly, Corny, Nelia

Famous People: Cornelia Funke, Cornelia Sorabji, Cornelia Guest

32. Cyril

Meaning: Lordly

Origin: Greek (Kyrillos)

Nicknames: Cy, Cyra

Famous People: Saint Cyril the Philosopher, Cyril Cusack, Cyril Nyi

33. Cyrus

Meaning: Sun

Origin: Persian (kuruš)

Nicknames: Cy, Cyra

Famous People: Cyrus the Great, Cyrus Vance, Cyrus McCormick

34. Daisy

Meaning: Day’s Eye

Origin: English (dægeseage)

Nicknames: Dais, Dee, Zee

Famous People: Daisy Ridley, Daisy Fuentes, Daisy Martinez, Daisy Lowe

35. Damion

Meaning: To Tame, Subdue, Conqueror

Origin: Greek (Damianos)

Nicknames: Dame, Damies, Dames

Famous People: Damian Lewis, Damian Marley, Damien Rice, Damian Lillard

36. Darcy

Meaning: Dark One

Origin: French (d'Arcy)

Nicknames: Darc, Dar, Darry, Dee

Famous People: Darcy Dallas, Darcy Furber, Darci Frigo, Darcy Ribeiro

37. Darlene

Meaning: Little Dear One, Darling

Origin: English (darel-ene)

Nicknames: Lina, Derry, Lyna, Lin

Famous People: Darlene Love, Darlene Hard, Darlene Zschech

38. Dean

Meaning: Valley

Origin: English (Dean)

Nicknames: Dee, Deano, Deanie

Famous People: Dean Martin, Dean Acheson, Dean Rusk, Dean Norris

39. Dennis

Meaning: Follower of Dionysus

Origin: Greek (Dionysus)

Nicknames: Den, Eden, Dennie

Famous People: Dennis Hopper, Dennie Ritchie, Dennis the Menace

40. Dolores

Meaning: Lady of Sorrows

Origin: Spanish (dolores)

Nicknames: Lola, Loli, Lolis, Lolita

Famous People: Dolores del Rio, Dolores Alexander, Dolores Costello

41. Donald

Meaning: World Ruler, World Wielder

Origin: Gaelic (Dòmhnall)

Nicknames: Don, Donny, Donnie

Famous People: Donald Trump, Donald Knuth, Donald Tusk, Donald Sutherland

42. Doreen

Meaning: A Gift

Origin: Irish/Greek (Dora-een)

Nicknames: Ree, Dodo, Dori, Reena

Famous People: Doreen Massey, Doreen Lawrence, Doreen Valiente

43. Doris

Meaning: Gift

Origin: Greek (Doris)

Nicknames: Dori, Dottie, Dora

Famous People: Doris Day, Doris Roberts, Doris Lloyd

44. Edgar

Meaning: Prosperity, Fortune, Spear

Origin: English (Eadgar)

Nicknames: Ed, Eddie, Ned, Ted

Famous People: Edgar Allen Poe, Edgar Wright, Edgar Desas

45. Edmund

Meaning: Prosperity, Riches, Protector

Origin: English (Eadmund)

Nicknames: Ed, Eddie, Ted, Ned, Teddy

Famous People: Edmund the Martyr, Edmund Ironside, Edmond O'Brien, Edmund White

46. Edna

Meaning: Rejuvenation, Delight

Origin: Hebrew (ednah)

Nicknames: Eda, Eddie, Edny

Famous People: Edna Béjarano, Edna Best, Edna Mode

47. Edward

Meaning: Riches, Fortune, Protector

Origin: Anglo-Saxon

Nicknames: Ed, Eddie, Ned, Ted

Famous People: Edward the Confessor, Edward I, Edward Heath

48. Edwin

Meaning: Rich Friend, Blessed Friend

Origin: English (ead-pine)

Nicknames: Ed, Eddie, Win

Famous People: Edwin Starr, Edwin Hubble, Edwin McCain

49. Eileen

Meaning: Desired, Water, Island

Origin: Gaelic (Eibhlin)

Nicknames: Ila, Lee, Lena, Eila

Famous People: Eileen Goldsen, Eileen Brennan, Eileen Atkins

50. Elaine

Meaning: Bright, Shining Light

Origin: Greek

Nicknames: Laine, Ellie, El, Lana

Famous People: Elaine Fifield, Elaine Fine, Elaine Hamilton-O'Neal

51. Eleanor

Meaning: Light, Serene, Bright Shining One

Origin: French (Aliénor)

Nicknames: Ellie, El, Ella, Elle, Nell, Nora

Famous People: Eleanor Roosevelt, Eleanor Bron, Eleanor of Toledo

52. Elizabeth

Meaning: My God is an Oath, My God is Abundance

Origin: Hebrew (Elisheva)

Nicknames: Lizzy, Liza, Beth, Elsa, Bess, Izzie, Betty

Famous People: Elisabeth Sladen, Elisabeth Welch, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II

53. Elmer

Meaning: Noble, Famous

Origin: English (Aylmer)

Nicknames: El, Elm, Merl

Famous People: Elmer Bernstein, Elmer Drew Merrill, Elmer Arce (Chayanne)

54. Emily

Meaning: Rival, Industrious, Persuasive, Eager

Origin: Latin (Aemilius)

Nicknames: Em, Emi, Milly, Mil

Famous People: Emily Dickinson, Emily Brontë, Emily Carr

55. Enid

Meaning: Purity, Soul, Life

Origin: Welsh (eneit)

Nicknames: Enie, Ni, Nina, Dina

Famous People: Enid Dame, Enid Luff, Enid Blyton

56. Ernest

Meaning: Serious

Origin: Germanic (Ernst)

Nicknames: Ernie, Ness

Famous People: Ernest Rutherford, Ernest Shackleton, Ernest Hemingway

57. Ethel

Meaning: Noble Maiden

Origin: English (Aethelind)

Nicknames: Eth, Ethie

Famous People: Ethel Barrymore, Ethel Waters, Ethel Merman

58. Eudora

Meaning: Excellent Gift

Origin: Greek (eu-doron)

Nicknames: Dee, Dora, Eddy, Euda

Famous People: Eudora Welty, Eudora Bumstead

59. Eugene

Meaning: Wellborn, Noble

Origin: Greek (Eugenios)

Nicknames: Gene, Euge, Gen

Famous People: Eugene Cordero, Eugene Levy, Eugene Hackman

60. Ezra

Meaning: Helper, Help

Origin: Hebrew (Ezra)

Nicknames: Ez, Ray, Ezzie, Ezzo

Famous People: Ezra Pound, Ezra Vogel, Ezra Miller

61. Eunice

Meaning: Good Victory

Origin: Greek

Nicknames: Nicky, Nini, Ness

Famous People: Eunice Waymon (Nina Simone), Eunice Gayson, Eunice Norton

62. Evelyn

Meaning: Desired, Wished For Child

Origin: French (Aveline)

Nicknames: Evy, Ev, Lynn

Famous People: Evelyn Glennie, Evelyn King, Evelyn Underhill

63. Florence

Meaning: Blossoming in Faith, Flourishing, Blossoming

Origin: Latin (florentius)

Nicknames: Flo, Flossie, Florrie, Floss

Famous People: Florence Nightingale, Florence Welch, Florence Pugh

64. Francis

Meaning: Free Man

Origin: Medieval Latin (francesco)

Nicknames: Frank, Frankie, Franz, Fran

Famous People: Francis Crick, Francis Coppola, Francis Bacon

65. George

Meaning: Farmer, Earthworker

Origin: Greek (Georgios)

Nicknames: Georgie, Geo, Jor, Joe

Famous People: George Bush, George Best, George Harrison, George Clooney

66. Georgina

Meaning: Farmer

Origin: Greek (Georgios)

Nicknames: Gigi, Geo, Gina, Georgie

Famous People: Georgina Haig, Georgina Beyer, Georgina Sweet

67. Gerald

Meaning: Rule of the Spear

Origin: Germanic (ger-wald)

Nicknames: Ger, Gerry, Gere

Famous People: Gerald Ford, Gerald Boland, Gerald Green

68. Gertrude

Meaning: Spear, Strength

Origin: Germanic (ger-thrud)

Nicknames: Gert, Gertie, Trudy

Famous People: Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Lawrence, Gertrude B. Elion

69. Gilbert

Meaning: Shining Pledge

Origin: Germanic (Gisilberht)

Nicknames: Gil, Bert, Bertie, Gilly

Famous People: Gilbert Gottfried, Gilbert Chesterton, Gilbert Scott-Heron

70. Gladys

Meaning: Ruler, Princess, Small Sword

Origin: Welsh (Gwladus) / Latin (gladiolus)

Nicknames: Lady, Glad, Di

Famous People: Gladys Knight, Gladys Cooper, Gladys Zender

71. Gloria

Meaning: Glory

Origin: Latin (gloriae)

Nicknames: Glo, Glori, Gigi

Famous People: Gloria Estefan, Gloria Swanson, Gloria Steinem

72. Harold

Meaning: Military Power, Army Ruler

Origin: Proto-Germanic (harja-waldaz)

Nicknames: Harry, Hal, Haz

Famous People: Harold Wilson, Harold MacMillan, Harold Pinter

73. Harvey

Meaning: Battle Worthy, Blazing Iron

Origin: Britannic (Huiarnviu)

Nicknames: Hal, Hank, Harv

Famous People: Harvey Keitel, Harvey Fierstein, Harvey Specter

74. Hazel

Meaning: The Hazelnut Tree

Origin: English (haesel)

Nicknames: Haze, Halls

Famous People: Hazel Court, Hazel Irvine, Hazel Scott

75. Heather

Meaning: Heather (plant)

Origin: English (hather)

Nicknames: Hetty, Hea, Hedy

Famous People: Heather Locklear, Heather Graham, Heather Tesch

76. Hector

Meaning: To Have, To Hold, To Check, Restrain

Origin: Greek (ékhein)

Nicknames: Hec, Heccie

Famous People: Héctor Elizondo, Hector Berlioz, Hector Bellerin

77. Herbert

Meaning: Army-Bright, Shining Warrior

Origin: Germanic (harja-beraht)

Nicknames: Herb, Herbie, Bert, Bertie

Famous People: Hubert Humphrey, Hubert Simlin, Hubert Keller

78. Herman

Meaning: Army’s Man

Origin: Germanic (harja-mann)

Nicknames: Herm, Manny, Hero

Famous People: Herman Melville, Herman Hollerith, Herman Cain, Herman Mankiewicz

79. Hilda

Meaning: Battle Woman, Secrecy, Hiding

Origin: Germanic (hild)

Nicknames: Hildy, Dani, Hil

Famous People: Hilda Bernard, Hilda Bernstein, Hilda Braid

80. Homer

Meaning: Security, Pledge

Origin: Greek (Homeros)

Nicknames: Hom, Homie, Merl

Famous People: Homer Randolph, Homer Simpson, Homer (poet)

81. Horace

Meaning: Man of Time , Timekeeper

Origin: Latin (Horatius)

Nicknames: Horry, Ace, Rory, Horatio

Famous People: Horace Greeley, Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus), Horace Slughorn

82. Howard

Meaning: High Defender, Chief Guardian, Brave

Origin: French (houard)

Nicknames: Howie, Harry, Ward, How

Famous People: Howard Stern, Howard the Duck, Howard Hughes

83. Hugh

Meaning: Soul, Mind, Intellect

Origin: Germanic (hug)

Nicknames: Hughie, Huey

Famous People: Hugh Grant, Hugh Jackman, Hugh O'Brian, Hugh Laurie

84. Ignatius

Meaning: Fiery

Origin: Latin (Egnatius)

Nicknames: Igggy, Nace, Nate

Famous People: Ignatius of Antioch, Ignatius Bonomi, Ignatius Sancho

85. Iris

Meaning: Rainbow

Origin: Greek (iris)

Nicknames: Ire, Izzy, Ida, Riss

Famous People: Iris Apfel, Iris DeMent, Iris Fontbona

86. Irma

Meaning: Universal, Earthly, Complete

Origin: Germanic (irmin)

Nicknames: Irm, Maggie, Irmie

Famous People: Irma Thomas, Irma Grese, Irma P. Hall

87. Irving

Meaning: Green River, Sea Friend

Origin: Scottish (ir-afon)

Nicknames: Irv, Irvie, Ving

Famous People: Irving Stone, Irving Wallace, Irving Berlin

88. Jasper

Meaning: Treasurer, Treasure-Bearer

Origin: Persian (ganzabara)

Nicknames: Jasp, Jas, Jazz, Perry

Famous People: Jasper Redd, Jasper Carrott, Jasper Maskelyne, Jasper Cillessen

89. Joel

Meaning: Yahweh is God

Origin: Hebrew (Yo?el)

Nicknames: Jo, Joe, Jojo, Joey, El

Famous People: Joel McHale, Joel Coen, Joel Kinnaman, Joel Edgerton, Joel Dommett

90. Joyce

Meaning: Lord, Cheerful

Origin: Brittonic (Iodoc)

Nicknames: Joy, Jo, Jo Jo, Cece

Famous People: Joyce Carol Oates, Joyce Brothers, Joyce DeWitt, Joyce Compton

91. Kenneth

Meaning: Handsome, Fire-born, Comely

Origin: Gaelic (Cainnech)

Nicknames: Ken, Kenny, Kay, Nith

Famous People: Kenny Rogers, Ken Griffey, Jr., Kenny Loggins, Kenny Gorelick

92. Lester

Meaning: Fortified Place, Fortress, From the Ligore Camp

Origin: English (Ligore + ceaster)

Nicknames: Les, Lesley, Lest

Famous People: Lester B Pearson, Lester Polsfuss (Les Paul), Lester Young

93. Lloyd

Meaning: Grey-haired, Sacred

Origin: Welsh (Llwyd)

Nicknames: Lo, Loy, Roy

Famous People: Lloyd Bridges, Lloyd Banks, Lloyd Price, Lloyd Gough

94. Lorraine

Meaning: from Lorraine

Origin: French (Lorraine)

Nicknames: Lori, Raine, Reina

Famous People: Lorraine Bracco, Lorraine Kelly, Lorraine Chase

95. Lucinda

Meaning: Light, Illumination

Origin: Latin (Lucia)

Nicknames: Lue, Cindy, Lucy

Famous People: Lucinda Armstrong Hall, Lucinda Ballard, Lucinda Banister Chandler

96. Lydia

Meaning: Beautiful One, Noble One

Origin: Greek (Ludía)

Nicknames: Lia, Lyd, Di, Dia, Dee

Famous People: Lydia Kaw?nanakoa, Lydia Lunch, Lydia Maria Child

97. Margaret

Meaning: Pearl

Origin: Greek (margarít?s)

Nicknames: Marge, Maggy, Madge, Daisy, Margo, Margie

Famous People: Margaret Thatcher, Margaret Atwood, Princess Margaret

98. Marshall

Meaning: Horse Servant, Lover of Horses

Origin: Frankish (mare-skalkoz)

Nicknames: Mar, Marsh, Marshy

Famous People: Marshall Mathers (Eminem), Marshall Crenshaw, Marshall Faulk, Marshall Thompson

99. Martha

Meaning: The Mistress, The Lady, Mistress of the House

Origin: Aramaic (Martâ)

Nicknames: Mar, Marty, Mattie, Patty

Famous People: Martha Reeves, Martha Stewart, Martha Washington

100. Marvin

Meaning: Sea Friend

Origin: Welsh (Merfyn)

Nicknames: Marv, Marvy, Vin, Vinnie

Famous People: Marvin Gaye, Marvin Hamlisch, Marvin Aday (Meat Loaf)

101. Mary

Meaning: Bitter, Beloved, Rebelliousness

Origin: Hebrew (Miryam) / Greek (María)

Nicknames: Mae, Mitzi, Polly, Mamie

Famous People: Mary I, Mary Queen of Scots, Mary Magdalene, Mary O’Brien (Dusty Springfield)

102. Matilda

Meaning: Mighty in Battle

Origin: German (Mahthildis)

Nicknames: Tilly, Till, Millicent, Maud, Mattie

Famous People: Empress Matilda, Matilda Joslyn Gage, Matilda Coxe Stevenson

103. Maureen

Meaning: Star of the Sea

Origin: Irish (Máirín)

Nicknames: Mo, Reenie, Maurie

Famous People: Maureen McCormick, Maureen O’Hara, Maureen McGovern

104. Mildred

Meaning: Gentle Strength

Origin: English (mild-þryð)

Nicknames: Mi, Mimi, Milly, Tilly

Famous People: Mildred Barber Abel, Mildred Adams, Mildred Aldrich

105. Milton

Meaning: Settlement with a Mill

Origin: English (mill-tun)

Nicknames: Milt, Miltie, Mil, Milly

Famous People: Milton Berle, Milton Friedman, Milton Jones, Milton S. Hershey

106. Miriam

Meaning: Of the Sea, Bitter

Origin: Hebrew (Miryam)

Nicknames: Mi, Murray, Mimi

Famous People: Miriam Margolyes, Miriam Makeba, Miriam Giovanelli

107. Morgan

Meaning: Sea Chief, Famous Magic

Origin: Welsh (Morcant)

Nicknames: Mo, Morg, Momo, Morgy

Famous People: Morgan Freeman, Morgan Spurlock, Morgan Woodward

108. Morris

Meaning: Moorish, Dark, Swarthy

Origin: French (maurice)

Nicknames: Mo, Moe, Maury

Famous People: Morris Halle, Morris Iemma, Morris Swadesh

109. Muriel

Meaning: Sea Bright, Sparkling Sea, Shining Sea

Origin: Gaelic (Muirgheal)

Nicknames: Muri, Mel, Mu, Ellie

Famous People: Muriel Spark, Muriel Gray, Muriel Rukeyser

110. Murray

Meaning: Sea Settlement

Origin: Gaelic (Muireb/Moreb)

Nicknames: Moray, Murr, Ray

Famous People: Murray Rothbard, Murray Gell-Mann, Murray Bookchin

111. Myrtle

Meaning: Evergreen Shrub, of the Myrtle Plant

Origin: Greek (Myrtos)

Nicknames: Mert, Mertie, Myrt, Tilly

Famous People: Myrtle Gonzalez, Myrtle Fillmore, Moaning Myrtle

112. Norman

Meaning: Northerner

Origin: Germanic (nord-man)

Nicknames: Norm

Famous People: Norm MacDonald, Norman Reedus, Norman Quentin Cook

113. Orville

Meaning: Gold Town, Gold City

Origin: English (Orville)

Nicknames: Orv, Vil, Orvy, Villy

Famous People: Orville Hickman Browning, Orville Bulman, Orville Carlisle, Orville Lloyd Douglas

114. Oswald

Meaning: God’s Power

Origin: Anglo-Saxon (Osweald)

Nicknames: Oz, Ozzy, Waldo

Famous People: Oswald Mosley, Oswald Spengler, Oswald Avery

115. Otis

Meaning: Wealthy

Origin: Germanic (Otto)

Nicknames: Oat, Oats, Otie, Odie

Famous People: Otis Redding, Otis Jackson Jr., Otis Rush, Otis Spann

116. Patricia

Meaning: Noble, Patrician

Origin: Latin (patrician)

Nicknames: Pat, Patty, Trish, Trisha

Famous People: Patricia Yearwood, Patricia Churchland, Patricia Clarkson

117. Philomena

Meaning: Powerful Love

Origin: Greek (Philoumene)

Nicknames: Phil, Mena, Minnie, Pippa

Famous People: Philomena Begley, Philomena Lee

118. Pauline

Meaning: The Little, The Younger

Origin: French (paulina)

Nicknames: Pauli, Pauly, Pollie, Pol

Famous People: Pauline Phillips, Pauline Collins, Pauline McLynn

119. Penelope

Meaning: Weaver

Origin: Greek

Nicknames: Nola, Penny, Poppy, Pippa, Nel, Nelly

Famous People: Penélope Cruz, Penelope Ann Miller, Penelope Creighton-Ward

120. Phyllis

Meaning: Green Bough, Foliage

Origin: Greek (phyllis)

Nicknames: Filly, Phil, Lissie Phylls

Famous People: Phyllis Diller, Phyllis Schlafly, Phyllis Davis, Phyllis Vance

121. Prudence

Meaning: Good Judgement

Origin: Latin (prudentia)

Nicknames: Pru, Prue, Prudy

Famous People: Prudence Leith, Prudence Goward, Prudence Farrow

122. Ralph

Meaning: Counsel Wolf, Famous Wolf

Origin: Norse (Raðulfr)

Nicknames: Rafe, Raff, Raffy, Ralphy

Famous People: Ralph Fiennes, Ralph Lauren, Ralph Macchio, Ralph Waldo Emerson

123. Randall

Meaning: Shield Wolf, Wolf Shield

Origin: English (Randel)

Nicknames: Rand, Randy, Rands

Famous People: Randy Newman, Randy Jackson, Randall Davidson

124. Raymond

Meaning: Counselling Protector, Famous Protector

Origin: Germanic (Raginmund)

Nicknames: Ray, Mon, Ray-Ray

Famous People: Raymond E. Brown, Raymond Chandler, Raymond Poincaré, Raymond Brown

125. Reginald

Meaning: King, Ruler, Advisor

Origin: Latin (Reginaldus)

Nicknames: Reg, Naldo, Reggie

Famous People: Reginald Noble, Reginald D Hunter, Reggie Watts, Reginald Kray

126. Richard

Meaning: Strong in Rule, Brave, Strong

Origin: Frankish (rik-hardu)

Nicknames: Rick, Ricky, Dick, Dickie, Rico

Famous People: Richard Nixon, Richard Wagner, Richard Strauss, King Richard I

127. Roger

Meaning: Fame, Spear, Famous Spear

Origin: Germanic (hrod-gor)

Nicknames: Rog, Rob, Robin, Rupert

Famous People: Roger Ebert, Roger Federer, Roger Waters

128. Roland

Meaning: Fame of the Land

Origin: Frankish (Hroþiland)

Nicknames: Rolly

Famous People: Roland Orzabal, Roland Young, Roland Emmerich

129. Roy

Meaning: King

Origin: Norman (roy)

Nicknames: Ro, Roz

Famous People: Roy Orbison, Roy Disney, Roy Scheider

130. Rupert

Meaning: Bright Fame

Origin: Germanic (Hruodoperht)

Nicknames: Ru, Roo, Roop

Famous People: Rupert Grint, Rupert Brooke, Rupert Cambridge

131. Ruth

Meaning: Friend

Origin: Hebrew (rut)

Nicknames: Ru, Ruthy, Roo

Famous People: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Ruth Benedict, Ruth Brown, Ruth Negga

132. Sandra

Meaning: Protector of Man, Defender of the People

Origin: Greek (Cassandra)

Nicknames: Cassy, Sandy, Sadie, Ra

Famous People: Sandra Bernhard, Sandra Bullock, Sandra Oh

133. Selma

Meaning: Peaceful, Beautiful

Origin: Arabic (salim)

Nicknames: Sel, Selly, Selma, Elma

Famous People: Selma Lagerlöf, Selma Blair, Selma James

134. Seraphina/Serafina

Meaning: Burning Ones, Burning Fire

Origin: Hebrew (s'rafím)

Nicknames: Sera, Phina, Phinnie, Serphie, Phera

Famous People: Seraphina Sforzabeatified, Serafina Steer, Serafina di dio, Seraphina Sforza

135. Sherman

Meaning: Shearer of Woollen Garments

Origin: English (scearra-mann)

Nicknames: Sherm, Manny, Sherry

Famous People: Sherman Minton, Sherman Hemsley, Sherman Fairchild

136. Shirley

Meaning: Bright Meadow, Bright Wood

Origin: English (scire-leah)

Nicknames: Sher, Sherry, Lea, Leah

Famous People: Shirley Temple, Shirley Bassey, Shirley MacLaine

137. Spencer

Meaning: Dispenser of Provisions

Origin: British (dispenser)

Nicknames: Spence, Spenny, Pence

Famous People: Spencer Breslin, Spencer Pratt, Spencer Boldman, Spencer Grammer

138. Stanley

Meaning: Stony Meadow, Stone Leigh

Origin: English (stan-leigh)

Nicknames: Stan, Stanny

Famous People: Stanley Sadie, Stanley Kubrick, Stanley Baldwin, Stanley Matthews

139. Sylvia

Meaning: Forest, Spirit of the Wood

Origin: Latin (Silvia)

Nicknames: Sylvie, Sylv, Via, Syl, Sisi

Famous People: Sylvia Plath, Sylvia Browne, Sylvia Kristel, Sylvia Sidney

140. Thelma

Meaning: Will, Volition

Origin: Greek (thelema)

Nicknames: Tee, Thel, Elma, Mary

Famous People: Thelma Aoyama, Thelma Houston, Thelma Todd, Thelma (& Louise)

141. Theodore

Meaning: Gift of God, Divine Gift

Origin: Greek (Theodoros)

Nicknames: Ted, Teddy, Theo, Teo

Famous People: Theodore James, Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore von Kurnatowski, Theodore Pendergrass

142. Tobias

Meaning: Yah is Good

Origin: Hebrew (Toviyah)

Nicknames: Tobe, Toby, Tobey

Famous People: Tobias (Tobey) Maguire, Tobias Smollett, Tobias Kamke, Tobias Gad

143. Violet

Meaning: Purple, Violet (flower)

Origin: Latin (Viola)

Nicknames: V, Vi, Viola, Lottie, Letta

Famous People: Violet Aitken, Violet Jessop, Violet Farebrother

144. Virgil

Meaning: Staff Bearer

Origin: Latin (Vergilius)

Nicknames: Virg, Gil

Famous People: Virgil Runnels (Dusty Rhodes), Virgil Thomson, Virgil Earp

145. Wallace

Meaning: Welsh

Origin: Scottish/Irish (waleis)

Nicknames: Wal, Wally, Ace

Famous People: Wallace Shawn, Wallace Beery, Wallace (+ Gromit)

146. Walter

Meaning: Powerful Warrior, Bright Warrior

Origin: Germanic (walt-heri)

Nicknames: Walt, Wal, Wally

Famous People: Walter Scott, Walt Whitman, Walter Raleigh, Walter White

147. Wanda

Meaning: Wanderer

Origin: Polish (wends)

Nicknames: Wan, Wana

Famous People: Wanda Sykes, Wanda Lavonne Jackson, Wanda de Jesus

148. Wilhelmina

Meaning: Will Helmet, Willing to Protect

Origin: Germanic (wilhelm)

Nicknames: Wilma, Mina, Elma, Mimi

Famous People: Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Wilhelmina Bonde, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

149. Winifred

Meaning: Blessed Peacemaking

Origin: Welsh (Gwenffrewi)

Nicknames: Winnie, Winnet, Freddie, Fred

Famous People: Saint Winifred, Winifred Mandela, Winifred Cullis

150. Wyatt

Meaning: Brave at War

Origin: English (Wyot)

Nicknames: Wy, Atty

Famous People: Wyatt Agar, Wyatt Aiken, Wyatt Allen, Wyatt Anderson

We hope you enjoyed our list of 150 names! We loved finding out where many of these names came from and how varied the origins are.

Did you have a favourite name? How many of them are the names of a friend or relative of yours?

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