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Frequently Asked Questions about Buckinghamshire Care Homes

How many care homes are there in Buckinghamshire?

We have 20 care homes in Buckinghamshire, including Portobello Place and Lewin House. All our homes have been hand-picked by our team of care experts based on a number of factors, including the quality of care and the home’s culture.

What is the average cost of care in Buckinghamshire?

The cost of care homes varies significantly across the country. If you’re looking for a care home in Buckinghamshire, the average cost of care is £1,504. You may be eligible for care home funding - you can check via a care assessment.

How many Buckinghamshire care homes offer residential care?

We have 20 care homes in Buckinghamshire that offer residential care, which provides support and care for those who may find it difficult to live independently. Our residential care homes provide support for everyday tasks, including washing, mobility, and dressing.

What care homes in Buckinghamshire offer dementia care?

We have 17 Buckinghamshire care homes, which provide round-the-clock dementia care. Those with dementia will need more care as the condition progresses, and specialist dementia care homes can provide the level of support they need.

What Buckinghamshire care homes offer respite care?

If you are looking for temporary respite care, we have 19 care homes in Buckinghamshire that provide short-term stays. Respite care provides relief for caregivers, providing a few weeks support in a care home for a loved one.

Are there any care homes in Buckinghamshire that offer end-of-life, palliative care?

14 Buckinghamshire care homes provide palliative care for your loved one. End-of-life care can be an emotional experience for everyone, so our care experts will support you at every step.