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With more families finding care and retirement services online than ever before, Lottie is expertly positioned to help providers increase their online visibility and to attract new customers.

Access New Customers

Advertise your spare vacancies to Lottie’s growing audience of over 1m monthly care and retirement seekers.

Free to list

Lottie is free to list and operates success-based pricing. Partners can choose between one of two charge models.

Exclusive Enquiries

Partners benefit from free referrals from NHS discharge teams and social workers using Lottie’s technology, as well as exclusive enquiries via Seniorcare customers.

5x Better Conversions

Gain access to qualified enquiries, which are much more likely to convert to a customer. On average, Lottie’s enquiries convert 5x better than other online directories.

You'll be in good company!

Trusted by over 4,000 of the UK’s best care home, home care and retirement living services.

Meet Lottie’s Partner Portal

A secure portal allowing partner providers to view enquiries and understand their marketing performance.

Manage Availability

Benefit from ultimate flexibility by turning your listing’s availability on and off at any point, depending on whether you wish to attract more enquiries to the chosen community.

View Enquiries

Access your enquiries by month and type, as well as detailed information on each referral including contact details, residency requirements and funding information.

Monitor Performance

View detailed insights and monitor the marketing performance of your listings, both in actual terms and against Lottie’s benchmark - an average of all listings promoted on Lottie's marketplace.

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Lottie’s Charge Models & Pricing

Free to list & success-based pricing!

Pay Per Qualified Enquiry

Partners are charged for receiving qualified enquiries to their services.

Available to all providers

Free listing and ability to manage availability.

Qualified and high-intent enquiries.

Cancel anytime, subject to 90-days.

Pay Per Customer

Partners are charged a fee for the referral of a new customer to their services.

Available only to providers using Found CRM.

Free listing and ability to manage availability.

Qualified and high-intent enquiries.

Cancel anytime, subject to 90-days.

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Frequently asked questions about marketing your care home, home care and retirement properties

Where is the best place to advertise for home care?

One of the best ways to advertise your home care business is through a home care marketplace - like Lottie. Home care marketing websites attract individuals actively seeking home care services for themselves or their loved ones.

Our focused audience increases the likelihood of reaching new people who are looking for home care across the country, including in popular locations like London, Manchester and Kent.

We'll help you provide as much information about your home care business as needed, including anything about your services, pricing and qualifications. This enables our audience to make informed decisions about home care, leading to more qualified inquiries for you.

How can I make my home care agency stand out?

Make sure you show what makes your home care agency stand out from the crowd; whether that’s your unique care approach, exceptional staff training, or offering specialised services. You should create a visually appealing and consistent brand identity - something Lottie's Partner team can help with.

How do I market my care home?

Strategically marketing your care home is a crucial part of reaching a bigger audience and sharing the incredible things that make your home unique. Leveraging care home marketing websites, like Lottie, will help you reach your audience faster, saving you time and money.

Our dedicated partner team will support you to create a compelling profile to list on our website and help you engage with your local community.

Don't underestimate the power of high-quality imagery and videos for your home, either. Visual content is a powerful tool for any new care home residents, and it's something that we can support you with through Lottie Media.

How do I market my new care home?

Marketing a brand new care home can be a challenge, as you need to establish trust and credibility. There are plenty of ways to market your new home, including through Lottie's dedicated Early Access offering.

This helps to showcase everything about your new home, including the state-of-the-art features, sharing any grand openings, and reaching your target audience in a few simple steps. You can leave all the hard work to Lottie's expert team of marketers, who can create compelling new imagery for your care home, reach out to a huge audience via dedicated email campaigns, and create unique, news-worthy content via our PR services.

How do you attract residents to a care home?

Attracting new residents involves a varied approach that focuses on building trust and awareness of your new home. First, you'll need to create a compelling online presence, utilise social media, participate in local events, and provide transparent pricing information.

You should also create a warm and welcoming environment for anyone visiting your home and stay up-to-date with any industry trends.

What is the target market for a care home?

The target market for a care home includes both older adults who require assistance with daily activities and personal care, as well as family members or caregivers who are involved in the decision-making process. Your marketing strategy for a care home should appeal to those who need a little more support and the individuals responsible for supporting them with this decision.

Choosing a care home is such an important decision and it's so important for everyone to feel comfortable that they've found the perfect home.

How can I increase occupancy in my care home or retirement home?

Increasing occupancy in a care home or retirement development involves a combination of effective marketing strategies, providing excellent services, and creating a warm and welcoming environment.

You must develop an online presence that showcases your home through high-quality visuals, detailed information about your services, and easy contact options. Almost all individuals and families research care homes online, so a strong online presence is a must.

You should also consider investing in an effective care home CRM software, which can seamlessly help you track care home enquiries.

What are Lottie’s best tips on marketing a retirement property?

Our decided retirement experts have shared their three top tips on how to market a retirement property:

  1. Highlight any distinctive or standout features that sets your retirement property apart, whether that’s your spacious living quarters, beautiful communal spaces, or 24-7 concierge services
  2. Create engaging content through sharing any resident stories, themed social nights, or events you're offering for the local community
  3. Actively participate in community events and initiatives and consider hosting informational sessions about later living, senior health and investing in a retirement home

How do I advertise my retirement village?

Retirement villages are an increasingly popular choice for retirees, so it's important to market your properties through marketing websites, social media and making connections with your local community.

Listing your retirement home on Lottie means you can showcase everything that makes your retirement village unique, including cosy communal areas, state-of-the-art facilities, and the tailored care offered to each resident.

How else can Lottie help?

A suite of products and services built to support UK providers grow their occupancy, become more operationally efficient and achieve large cost savings.


Opening a new development?

Early Access is a marketing campaign designed to support providers with the launch of a new care home development and to help quickly fill empty beds.

  • Enhanced listing card with 5x performance
  • Hyper localised marketing campaigns
  • Local and regional awareness
  • Outstanding digital return on investment

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