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What are retirement villages?

Retirement villages are purpose built housing developments available to those aged 55 and over. They often provide luxury retirement living and offer a range of property types including, homes, bungalows, apartments and flats.

A wide range of facilities are available on your doorstep when living in a retirement village, from health clubs, cafes and restaurants - there's lots of amenities to enjoy during your golden years.

Retirement villages are rapidly growing in popularity across the UK, with many retirement villages located outside picturesque areas, including the South East and West Midlands. If you're looking for a retirement village across the UK, our friendly team of experts are here to help - simply get in touch today.

How to choose a retirement village

Retirement will look different for us all and it's important to choose a home that allows you to live the lifestyle you'd like to lead during your golden years.

With a wide range of retirement properties across the UK, there's something for everyone, however make sure you take the time to do your research - this will help you find your ideal retirement home.

When searching for a retirement village it can help by deciding on what you want from a retirement village and create a short list of properties that meet these requirements. For example this could be the location, property type or certain facilities such as a health club or gym. Make sure to visit any properties you're interested in - this will help you to get an idea of what it's like to live there and help you to narrow down your search.

Remember to factor in the cost of retirement living when searching for your new home. Not only can this help you to avoid a costly mistake, it can help you to decide on the best retirement location for you and budget early on in your retirement planning. At Lottie we have a range of retirement living options available within a range of budgets - let us help you find your ideal retirement village.

What are the advantages of living in a retirement village?

Retirement villages are purpose built for older adults and offer many health and wellbeing benefits later in life. Whether you're looking to downsize, become part of a community or easy access to facilities on your doorstep, retirement villages provide safe and secure environments to enjoy later living.

One of the main advantages of retirement villages is the strong sense of community - retirement living properties are available exclusively for those aged 55 and over and this allows you to connect with like minded individuals of a similar age. With onsite social and leisure facilities there's lots of clubs and activities to enjoy and friendships to build in retirement villages.

Retirement villages are often designed to be as low maintenance as possible - meaning you have more time to enjoy your golden years, spending time with family and friends and enjoying hobbies. Retirement living takes away the worry of property maintenance that often comes with traditional home ownership - especially when renting a property as most maintenance and utilities costs will be covered in your monthly fees.

Retirement living allows you to continue to live independently, whilst knowing you're in a safe and secure community with easy access to health and medical support if you ever need it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Retirement Villages Near Me

How much are retirement villages?

The price of a retirement village varies across the country and is often dependent on the location and type of facilities you'd like your home to have. Luxury retirement villages are usually more expensive as they offer a wide range of excellent facilities and amenities such as health clubs, golf courses, cafes, shops and restaurants on your doorstep.

The cost of your property also depends on whether you decide to rent or buy. Buying allows you to continue to be a homeowner later in life. However, due to their premium quality they can often be costly to buy out right. Renting in a retirement village can be a cheaper alternative to purchasing and offers lots of advantages, including flexibility.

What is it like living in a retirement village?

Whilst retirement villages offer a safe, secure and carefree later living. No two retirement villages are the same - the size and number of properties, location to nearby towns and cities, property types and facilities differ across the country.

Take the time to research retirement villages you're interested in, with so much choice there's bound to be a village that offers the lifestyle you want to lead in retirement.

How do retirement villages work?

Retirement villages are purpose built for adults ages 55 and over and offer the benefits of luxury living in a safe and secure environment. With a range of social and leisure facilities on your doorstep they allow you to live independently and often come with the benefit of a low maintenance property. Properties in retirement villages are available to rent or buy, so you can find the best retirement property that works for your budget and lifestyle.

At what age should you move into a retirement village?

Retirement villages are housing developments built for older adults - generally aged 55 and over and the decision to move into a retirement village is personal to you. If you're looking to downsize, move to a safe and secure environment or benefit from the luxury of a wide range of amenities on your doorstep late in life, then a move to a retirement village could be perfect for you!

Are retirement villages classed as care homes?

No, retirement villages are housing developments designed for older adults wanting to live independently in a safe and secure community. Whereas care homes provide accommodation, care and support for those that struggle to live independently by themselves. Care homes provide a range of care including residential, nursing care and specialist dementia support.

Are retirement villages a good investment?

Buying a retirement village property can be a good decision if you're looking to downsize later in life but still own your own home. With great social opportunities, activities and leisure facilities to enjoy they also create a good sense of community and security later in life. Investing in a rented retirement property can also provide great advantages, from the flexibility to move to a new location or closer to friends and family to the benefit of having most property living costs (maintenance, gardening, utilities) covered in your monthly rent - helping you to budget your finances.