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A heartfelt thank you to UK Carers!

We're pledging 1,000 free nights away across 2023 exclusively for UK carers.

To kick-start this incredible pledge, we've partnered with Unplugged for our first Christmas giveaway to offer 100 free nights in their Digital Detox cabins, competition closes Monday 9th January 2023.


Our Christmas Giveaway ends in


Pledge of 1,000 free nights in 2023 for UK Carers

Ongoing competition giveaways to champion and reward care workers, family caregivers and unpaid carers.

Our Mission

Nights on Lottie was created to celebrate UK carers (both paid and unpaid) and to say a heartfelt thank you for the incredible work they do every day.

We hope Nights on Lottie will inspire more recognition for carers. We also want to contribute towards meaningful long-term change, including the government providing additional funding support to caregivers and the mental and physical health of carers being better looked after.

While Nights on Lottie will not solve the ongoing problem, we hope our giveaways provide an opportunity of celebration for UK cares, while also providing a moment of rest and recharge to the giveaway winners.

Nights on Lottie's First Christmas Giveaway

Lottie have partnered with Unplugged to give carers a chance to relax and unwind by offering 33 winners a free, 3-night stay at a cabin of their choice.

The winners will be chosen at random when our first Christmas competition ends at 23:59 on 9th January 2023.

Winners will be able to book their three-night stay at one of Unplugged's cabins using a unique code and on any date in 2023, to rest and recharge at a time convenient to them.

While sadly not every carer can be a winner in our Christmas giveaway. We'll be running competitions throughout 2023, giving away a total of 1,000 free nights!

Active giveaway

Nights On Lottie's Christmas Giveaway 2022

In partnership with Unplugged, Nights On Lottie will be awarding 100 free nights to UK carers to kickstart our 1000 night pledge across 2023.

In partnership with


Here's what you could win from Unplugged...

Lottie Care Giver

3 night escape

A 3-night escape to take a well-earned rest from your caregiving responsibilities.

Lottie Care Giver

About the cabins

They're designed to help you slow down. Grind fresh coffee beans, build a fire and read that book you've been meaning to finish for 6 months.

Lottie Care Giver

Rest and recharge at a cabin near you

There are over 10 cabins situated close to London and Manchester for you to choose from.

Endorsed by Anton Du Beke

Nights on Lottie is proud to launch its first giveaway in partnership with well-known public figure, Anton Du Beke.

Anton is best known for being a British ballroom dancer and judge on popular BBC One celebrity dancing show - Strictly Come Dancing. However, less known to the public, is Anton's mother was a Carer and his passion for supporting the amazing work UK caregivers do. Anton regularly makes time to surprise visits to care home residents, and most recently made a special guest appearance at Isle Court Nursing Home in Bickton, as part of BBC's Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant coverage in June.

Anton Du Beke Autograph
Chris Donnelly, Anton Du Beke and Will Donnelly of Lottie
Care workers charity

In partnership with Care Workers Charity

Nights on Lottie is proud to partner with the Care Workers Charity, the UK's leading charity for supporting current and former care workers with financial grants and other support services. The CWC was founded in 2009 and today is led by Karolina Gerlich, whom previously was a carer for over 12-years. In 2020, the CWC paid out almost £2m in Covid-19 Emergency Fund grants and over £200k in Crisis Grants to over 3,000 care workers.

Giveaway Entry Requirements

To enter a Nights on Lottie giveaway, entries must meet the following criteria:

The nominated individual must be a care worker or carer (paid or unpaid).

The nominated individual must be over the age of 18.

The nominated individual must be a UK resident.

To view all of Night's on Lottie's Giveaway Terms & Conditions, please click here.

Submission Deadline

11:59pm on Monday 9th January 2023

Winners Announced

Monday 16th January, 2023

While not everyone can be a winner, Nights on Lottie will award all entries a token of appreciation, in the form of merch and accommodation vouchers.

Submit your Carer Nomination

Need a break yourself or want to nominate a special carer you know? Please fill in the form below to give yourself or someone else the chance to win 3 complimentary nights on Lottie at an Unplugged cabin in 2023.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Nights On Lottie work?

Nights on Lottie is an exclusive giveaway for carers and care workers across 2023. You can win a complimentary 3-night getaway via regular competition giveaways announced here. We’ve launched this incredible pledge on 23rd November 2022 - to mark Carers Carers Rights Day (24th November 2022).

How do I enter your giveaway?

You can either nominate yourself, a coworker, friend or family member who needs some TLC via our submission form. We will announce the winner on 16th January 2023 via email.

Can I take someone on my trip if I win?

Yes! Unplugged are excited to welcome the winners of the competition and one more guest per stay. If you - or your loved one - has any accessibility requirements, you should speak to Unplugged directly.

Can I bring my dog?

All Unplugged cabins (other than 'Olive') are pet-friendly, because dogs need to unwind too! All Unplugged cabins are named after furry guests.

What is included in the stay?

You will be gifted a 3-night-stay at a cabin of your choice, subject to availability, and excluding Bank Holidays.

Unplugged cabins are fully equipped with everything you need to entirely switch off: a phone lockbox, great selection of board games, a shelf of great books and an old school cassette player.

We understand that communication is particularly important for anyone providing care - especially for a family member - so there is absolutely no pressure to switch your phone off.

Are there any benefits for a digital detox?

There are lots! A digital detox is a period of time when you intentionally take a break from your devices. Studies show that time offline and in nature improves:

Mental and physical health

Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

Improves sleep quality

Sharpens cognitive function, focus and productivity

Strengthens human connection.

How can I share my stay?

We would love for you to share your experience at Unplugged on social media, although there is no obligation to do so.

Is there any help available for travel?

Nights on Lottie X Unplugged is open and accessible for everyone who works in the care sector or provides care. The cabins are all within an hour of London and Manchester, so they are easily accessible via a car or train.

However, if you're worried about transportation, please speak directly with one of Lottie's team members. You can contact them on press@lottie.org and one of us will get back to you.

The UK's Carer Crisis

More Government funding is urgently needed to support UK Carers through the cost-of-living crisis.


The hourly pay rate for care workers is £9.50 and 24% of carers are on zero hour contracts.


In 2021, The Care Workers Charity paid over £962,000 worth of financial grants to care workers in urgent need of support and £98,996 worth of mental health sessions, helping just under 2000 people working in care.


Over the last 12 months, there has been a 300% increase in online searches on Google for 'giving up work to be a carer'.

Carers Stories

Lottie Care Giver

Christine's Story

Christine started working in the care sector in 2004. She shares her story about the impact of the pandemic on her mental health, leaving her worried about supporting herself and her children. She talks about how a grant from the Care Workers Charity helped her.

Lottie Care Giver

Rachel's Story

Rachel worked in care for six years in her local community and loved making people smile. After her son Riley had an accident, she had to stop work and needed financial help. Her six years work in care meant she qualified for a grant, helping her through a tough period in her life.

Lottie Care Giver

Lauren's Story

Lauren has been working in care for 12 years and finds it very rewarding. Due to a family situation, she needed to start again with her son and had to reduce her working hours.

Support Services for Carers

If you're struggling, here's where to seek financial, practical, and emotional support from.


Right now, the UK is facing a cost-of-living-crisis that's affecting everyone. If you're a carer or care worker and you're struggling, you're not alone. There is financial support available from a range of organisations.


Juggling care responsibilities and work or family commitments can be incredibly overwhelming. If you're finding it tough to care for a family member, or you're struggling with work, it's important to seek support.


Working or providing care is rewarding, but can be challenging. It's more important than ever before to prioritise your mental health. From support from MIND to REThink, it's time to focus on you.

CWC banner woman worried
CWC Logo

Heating or eating should never have to be a choice

The Care Workers Charity need your help to ensure care workers can feed their families and keep up with the rising household bills.

Donate today

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