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  1. Kilmarnock, KA1 2BP - Sanctuary Care

    Howard House Care Home in Kilmarnock is known for its dedicated and experienced team of caregivers.

    Care Types

    CQC rating: GoodFrom £1,097 Weekly41 BedAll Ensuite0.40 mi from centre
  2. Irvine, KA12 8SZ - Four Seasons Health Care

    Situated in a quiet residential area in the historical town of Irvine, you can find Cumbrae Lodge, a welcoming care home that provides expert residential, nursing dementia, palliative and end of life care to the elderly.

    Care Types

    CI rating: AdequateFrom £1,242 Weekly78 BedAll Ensuite7.01 mi from centre
  3. Prestwick, KA9 1QL - Sanctuary Care

    Queens Care Home in Prestwick offers a breathtaking location right along the picturesque Ayrshire promenade, providing stunning coastal views of the Isle of Arran.

    Care Types

    CQC rating: GoodFrom £1,360 Weekly43 Bed74% Ensuite9.12 mi from centre
  4. Beith, KA15 2BS - Anavo Care

    Spiers Care Home is a modern, purpose-built care home located in the heart of Beith, North Ayrshire and provides a range of services, including residential, nursing, dementia and convalescent care.

    Care Types

    CI rating: GoodFrom £950 Weekly44 BedAll Ensuite11.39 mi from centre
  5. Ayr, KA7 2UX - Sanctuary Care

    Housed in a splendid Edwardian building with scenic gardens and sea views towards the Isle of Arran, Scotland, Glenfairn House Care Home in Ayr radiates warmth.

    Care Types

    CQC rating: GoodFrom £1,232 Weekly61 Bed85% Ensuite12.12 mi from centre
  6. Templeton House

    Ayr, KA7 2UY - Independent Care Home

    Desirably located in the charming seaside town of Ayr, Templeton House offers luxury coastal living while providing exceptional levels of residential, dementia, nursing and respite care to the elderly.

    Care Types

    CI rating: AdequateFrom £1,450 Weekly69 BedAll Ensuite12.27 mi from centre
  7. Mearns View

    Glasgow, G77 5RY - Independent Care Home

    Mearns View Care Home is a brand-new, purpose-built 67-bed care home located in Newton Mearns and offers residential, nursing, dementia and respite care.

    Care Types

    CI rating: UngradedFrom £1,700 Weekly67 BedAll Ensuite12.56 mi from centre
  8. Glasgow, G77 5GU - Meallmore

    Conveniently located in Newton Mearns near Glasgow, Mearns House is an industry leading care home designed to exceed national care standards and provide the highest levels of comfort, happiness and security for residents.

    Care Types

    CI rating: GoodFrom £1,574 Weekly68 BedAll Ensuite13.31 mi from centre
  9. Glasgow, G77 6GZ - Hamberley Care Homes

    Nestled within the charming town of Newton Mearns on the outskirts of Glasgow, Newton House is a luxurious care home that provides expert residential, nursing and dementia care to those in need.

    Care Types

    CI rating: AdequateFrom £1,179 Weekly115 BedAll Ensuite13.50 mi from centre
  10. Ayr, KA7 4GB - Meallmore

    Situated in the picturesque suburb of Doonfoot in South Ayrshire, Greenan Manor Care Home provides expert nursing, dementia and respite care to those in need.

    Care Types

    CI rating: Very GoodFrom £1,563 Weekly52 BedAll Ensuite13.99 mi from centre

Average care home costs in Kilmarnock

Average cost of residential care

£1,023per week

Average cost of nursing care

£950per week

Average cost of dementia care

£950per week

Average cost of nursing & dementia care

£950per week

Kilmarnock's Care Regulator:

Care Inspectorate Scotland

Frequently asked questions

Here is some further information about care homes in Kilmarnock.

How many care homes are there in Kilmarnock?

We have 32 care homes in Kilmarnock. All our homes have been hand-picked by our team of care experts based on a number of factors, including the quality of care and the home's culture.

What is the average cost of care in Kilmarnock?

Care home costs vary significantly across the country. If you're looking for a care home in Kilmarnock, the average cost of care is £1,030. You may be eligible for care home funding - you can check through a care needs assessment.

Are all care homes in Kilmarnock regulated by the Scottish Care Inspectorate (SCI)?

Yes, every care home in Kilmarnock has been given a rating by Scotland's Care Inspectorate (SCI).

How many nursing homes are there in Kilmarnock?

We have 1 in Kilmarnock that provide specialist, 24/7 support. All of our nursing care homes offer personalised support for anyone who has a medical condition or disability that requires round-the-clock care from registered nurses in a home-from-home environment.

How many Kilmarnock care homes offer residential care?

We have 1 care homes in Kilmarnock that offer residential care, which provides support and care for those who may find it difficult to live independently. Our residential care homes provide support for everyday tasks, including washing, mobility, and dressing.

What care homes in Kilmarnock offer dementia care?

We have 1 Kilmarnock care homes that provide round-the-clock dementia care. Those with dementia will need more care as the condition progresses, and specialist dementia care homes can provide the level of support they need.

We've rounded up the best Alzheimer's care homes across the UK - they've been handpicked by our team of care experts for their specialised care, round-the-clock support and comforting environments.

What Kilmarnock care homes offer respite care?

If you're looking for temporary respite care, we have 1 care homes in Kilmarnock that provide short-term stays.

Respite care homes provide relief for caregivers, offering a few weeks of support in a care home for a loved one while you recuperate. We've rounded up the best respite care homes in the UK to ease your care search.

Lottie's guide to care in Kilmarnock

  • Overview

Welcome to Kilmarnock

When living in Kilmarnock, older adults - including those with limited mobility - will have easy access to a range of convenient services and idyllic parks. Kilmarnock and nearby areas such as Irvine, Ayr and Glasgow to the north also contain some of the country’s best-rated care homes.

Many of these homes have ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’ or even ‘Excellent’ ratings from the Care Inspectorate, thanks to hard-working and dedicated care teams who endeavour to make sure every resident receives the highest quality of person-centred care.

Staff will also promote independence in care through a variety of care home activities which are often tailored to the individual interests of residents. These activities could include things like baking and cooking, painting, wellbeing classes or even gentle exercise.

There are a variety of care homes in Kilmarnock, such as residential care homes to look after your loved one’s daily personal care needs and specialist dementia care homes for people living with a form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s. We also offer nursing care homes that employ trained and qualified medical professionals.

Let us help you find one of the best home care homes in Scotland. Our care experts are more than happy to answer your questions and guide you through this process, including locating the correct care home type and cost of care for your budget in Kilmarnock.