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  1. Hereford, HR4 9RG - Blackadder Group

    Ideally located next to the peaceful Homer church, of Leominster road in Herefordshire, Holmer Manor is a welcoming care home with a dedicated team who provide expert residential, nursing and respite care to those in need.

    Care Types

    CQC rating: GoodFrom £750 Weekly40 Bed88% Ensuite1.17 mi from centre
  2. Leominster, HR6 8EY - Bupa

    Nestled in the market town of Leominster, is Leominster Care Home that provides expert residential, respite and nursing care to the elderly.

    Care Types

    CQC rating: GoodFrom £1,100 Weekly48 BedAll Ensuite9.23 mi from centre
  3. Ledbury, HR8 2XW - Porthaven Care Homes

    Nestled within the heart of the historic market town of Ledbury, on the outskirts of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire, Deer Park Care Home provides expert residential, nursing, dementia and respite care in contemporary and elegant surroundings.

    Care Types

    CQC rating: Not Yet InspectedFrom £1,362 Weekly64 BedAll Ensuite13.26 mi from centre
  4. Ross-on-Wye, HR9 7BQ - Barchester Healthcare

    Located in the charmingly historic town of Ross-on-Wye, Ross Court is a luxurious care home that provides expert residential and respite care to those in need.

    Care Types

    CQC rating: GoodFrom £1,314 Weekly42 Bed86% Ensuite13.39 mi from centre
  5. Ross-on-Wye, HR9 5PQ - Buckland Care

    Nestled on the outskirts of the historic town of Ross-on-Wye, West Bank is an impressive Victorian care home providing expert residential, dementia and respite care for up to 42 residents.

    Care Types

    CQC rating: GoodFrom £1,100 Weekly42 Bed86% Ensuite14.01 mi from centre
  6. Malvern, WR13 6DT - Blackadder Group

    Perfectly located in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, Evendine House is a stunning care home that provides high quality residential, dementia, respite and day care along with couples care.

    Care Types

    CQC rating: GoodFrom £850 Weekly20 Bed90% Ensuite15.49 mi from centre
  7. Malvern, WR14 3PT - Barchester Healthcare

    Nestled within the charming Victorian town of Malvern, the newly opened Elgar Court is a warm and welcoming care home.

    Care Types

    CQC rating: Not Yet InspectedCall for pricing66 BedAll Ensuite17.15 mi from centre
  8. Malvern, WR14 2AW - Maria Mallaband Care Group

    Nestled against the stunning Malvern Hills and within the beautiful town of Great Malvern, Windsor Court is a luxurious purpose-built care home which provides expert residential, dementia, nursing, palliative, respite and day care to those in need.

    Care Types

    CQC rating: GoodFrom £1,300 Weekly51 BedAll Ensuite17.17 mi from centre
  9. Malvern, WR14 3AY - The Avenue Care Home

    Situated in the picturesque location of Malvern, The Avenue Care Home offers a range of support services on a residential, respite, or daycare basis, catering to older individuals, those recovering from brain injuries, and those with mental health or learning difficulties.

    Care Types

    CQC rating: GoodFrom £1,000 Weekly25 Bed24% Ensuite17.41 mi from centre
  10. Malvern, WR13 5EQ - Minster Care Group

    Situated in the small village of Malvern near the beautiful Malvern Hills, Waterside is a welcoming care home that provides expert nursing dementia care to those in need.

    Care Types

    CQC rating: GoodFrom £1,250 Weekly47 BedAll Ensuite17.64 mi from centre

Average care home costs in Herefordshire

Average cost of residential care

£1,212per week

Average cost of nursing care

£1,215per week

Average cost of dementia care

£1,214per week

Average cost of nursing & dementia care

£1,214per week

Herefordshire's Care Regulator:

Care Quality Commission

Frequently asked questions

Here is some further information about care homes in Herefordshire.

How many care homes are there in Herefordshire?

We have 23 care homes in Herefordshire. All our homes have been hand-picked by our team of care experts based on a number of factors, including the quality of care and the home's culture.

What is the average cost of care in Herefordshire?

Care home costs vary significantly across the country. If you're looking for a care home in Herefordshire, the average cost of care is £1,240. You may be eligible for care home funding - you can check through a care needs assessment.

Are all care homes in Herefordshire regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)?

Yes, every Herefordshire care home has been given a rating by England's Care Quality Commission (CQC).

How many nursing homes are there in Herefordshire?

We have 3 in Herefordshire that provide specialist, 24/7 support. All of our nursing care homes offer personalised support for anyone who has a medical condition or disability that requires round-the-clock care from registered nurses in a home-from-home environment.

How many Herefordshire care homes offer residential care?

We have 6 care homes in Herefordshire that offer residential care, which provides support and care for those who may find it difficult to live independently. Our residential care homes provide support for everyday tasks, including washing, mobility, and dressing.

What care homes in Herefordshire offer dementia care?

We have 4 Herefordshire care homes that provide round-the-clock dementia care. Those with dementia will need more care as the condition progresses, and specialist dementia care homes can provide the level of support they need.

We've rounded up the best Alzheimer's care homes across the UK - they've been handpicked by our team of care experts for their specialised care, round-the-clock support and comforting environments.

What Herefordshire care homes offer respite care?

If you're looking for temporary respite care, we have 6 care homes in Herefordshire that provide short-term stays.

Respite care homes provide relief for caregivers, offering a few weeks of support in a care home for a loved one while you recuperate. We've rounded up the best respite care homes in the UK to ease your care search.

Are there any care homes in Herefordshire that offer end-of-life or palliative care?

4 Herefordshire care homes provide palliative care for your loved one. A palliative care home aims to provide the highest level of support and comfort to every resident. End-of-life care can be an emotional experience for everyone, so our care experts will support you at every step.

Lottie's guide to care in Herefordshire

  • Overview

Welcome to Herefordshire

With towns and cities packed with history such as Hereford, the charming county of Herefordshire is a brilliant place for care seekers to live. Care homes in Herefordshire are often surrounded by stunning countryside and unique buildings. We have care homes across Herefordshire, including in Leominster, Bromyard, Ledbury and Ross on Wye.

If your loved one requires dignified and respectful personal care, this will be provided within a residential care home. Alternatively, we also have nursing care homes with qualified nurses.

Our detailed home listings will help you and your loved one to find a care home in Herefordshire best suited to their individual preferences and personal care needs.

Each care home listing includes plenty of useful information, including care home costs, the types of care available at each home and the range of meaningful activities offered.

All of our homes in Herefordshire have been rated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and provide a high level of support - no matter the type of elderly care you're searching for. What's more, you'll find plenty of specialist care options across Herefordshire, including respite care homes and dementia care homes.

Let our care experts guide you through the process of finding the best care home in Herefordshire for your loved one’s needs. Simply get in touch today and let us do the rest.