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Social Care Package For Elderly People

Getting a social care package for elderly people

Put simply, a care package for the elderly lists the services (and sometimes equipment) required to meet somebody’s needs. This care package will be created as part of a care plan.

Here, we’ve elaborated on exactly what a care package is, who can get a care package, what can be included and who offers care packages in the UK.

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In this article on care packages for the elderly:

  1. What is a care package?
  2. What can be included?
  3. Who can get a care package?
  4. Who offers care packages in the UK?

What is a Care Package?

A care package is a mixture of services that are put together to meet somebody’s needs after they’ve received a needs assessment by a social care professional. This will be as a part of a care plan.

A care package for the elderly will explain exactly what an individual needs in the way of care, services and any other equipment in their daily life.

Elderly couple having their care package explained to them

Appealing or complaining about your care package

The Care Act of 2014 says that a care package should never be put together based on affordability or the constraints of the individual team responsible for a person’s care.

Knowing this is especially important when you consider that pressure on social care and social services is currently increasing. Meanwhile, the workforce capable of providing an excellent level of care is shrinking.

Getting a care package right may end up taking several attempts. If it still isn’t working further down the line and you disagree with social services as to what you believe you or your loved one need then you can appeal this.

While some local authorities will do an amazing job at putting together care packages, you’ll find that many others don’t. If you have any concerns about how a care package has been assessed, reviewed or managed then somebody like GMNA can help you with this.

If you have any serious concerns surrounding a care package for yourself or a loved one then we’d recommend speaking to a solicitor. They may talk to you about how the Court of Protection can help.

What Can Be Included

Some of the services and equipment that are most commonly included in a care package are:

  • Help with cleaning and shopping
  • Disability equipment and home adaptations
  • Regular assistance with personal care and cooking
  • Day centres and day care to give the care seeker different social interactions and experiences while the caregiver gets a well-deserved break
  • Going into a nursing home or other type of care home
  • A personal assistant to help with everything mentioned in this list

Man in a wheelchair getting help with cooking

Who Can Get a Care Package?

Who is eligible to receive a care package depends on the company or organisation providing it.

For example, you can ask a GP, social worker or health professional to arrange an initial screening process for NHS continuing healthcare. This type of NHS care package will determine whether you or your loved one is eligible for a full assessment. You can also ask for a fast-track assessment if your health or the health of someone you care for is declining.

An organisation called Beacon offer free and independent advice concerning this type of healthcare.

You should ask your local council’s social services department for a needs assessment. From here, they’ll identify where you might need some extra support and will put together a care plan which will include an elderly social services care package.

At home

If you or a loved one require elderly care at home then you’ll need to contact the adult social services department of your local council by phone or online to start this process.

Ask them for a care assessment and provide an overview of any challenges you or your loved one will require support with.

In hospital

If you or a loved one are in hospital then your healthcare team will automatically be considered if an elderly care package is required. They’ll discuss this with you, along with offering any necessary advice.

If you or a loved one may benefit from a social services elderly care package or an NHS care package then this will be arranged before leaving the hospital.

Who Offers Care Packages in the UK?

Age UK can help with the process of deciding what care you need, whether this be within a care home, 24-hour home care or having adaptations and alterations made to your home.

Care package for the elderly through the NHS

NHS continuing healthcare is a type of care package for the elderly that you may be entitled to if you have a serious disability or illness.

This will cover the full cost of your care and support (within your own home or a care home), including:

  • Healthcare
  • Any personal care such as help with getting washed or dressed
  • Care home fees, along with any accommodation costs

You may qualify for NHS continuing healthcare if you’re classed as having a ‘primary health need’. This means that the majority of your care involves managing health needs, rather than any social care or personal care needs.

This qualification process involves an initial screening. If this goes well then you or your loved one will move on to the next stage - a detailed and full assessment of needs.

Though this assessment process can be complex, you or a loved one who you care for will have all health and social care needs funded by the NHS if eligible.

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