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Retirement Homes in Alfreton

Compare retirement homes in Alfreton available to buy or rent.

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  1. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £198,950 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Village13.42 miles from center Derby, DE22 3ZBBurghley Retirement
  2. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    Opening soon1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Community13.99 miles from centerBeeston, NG9 1EBChurchill Retirement Living
  3. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £215,000 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Community15.41 miles from centerNottingham, NG2 7TAMcCarthy Stone Resales
  4. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £99,000 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Village16.81 miles from centerAston-on-Trent, DE72 2EARichmond Villages (Part of Bupa)
  5. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £249,950 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Community17.15 miles from center Nottinghamshire, NG11 6DUChurchill Retirement Living
  6. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £130,000 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Community17.93 miles from center Sheffield, S7 2BNMcCarthy Stone Resales
  7. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £95,000 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Community24.02 miles from centerRetford, DN22 7ZAMcCarthy Stone Resales
  8. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £180,000 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Community24.20 miles from centerStafford, ST14 4SDMcCarthy Stone Resale
  9. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £262,699 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Community24.45 miles from centerBuxton, SK17 6AQMcCarthy Stone

Frequently asked questions about retirement properties in Alfreton

How many retirement villages are in or near Alfreton?

Retirement villages are a great way to ease yourself into later life. There are 9 senior living villages in - or closeby - to Alfreton.

What retirement communities are in or near Alfreton?

We have 7 retirement communities in or around Alfreton for you to browse, including;

Where can I buy a retirement home in Alfreton?

Buying a senior home in Alfreton provides you with a greater sense of safety and security in later life. Purchasing a retirement home is a good investment too and there's lots of options for you to choose from in Alfreton. Use our filters above to showcase any properties in Alfreton to buy.

Where can I rent a retirement home in Alfreton?

More retirees than ever before are renting senior housing. Before deciding whether to rent or purchase, you should check the average cost of retirement homes in Alfreton. Alternatively, Lottie's team of retirement experts can help - simply get in touch today. Searching for your new home in Alfreton is easy: use our filters above to browse our listings.

Are Any Retirement Properties in Alfreton A Member Of ARCO (Associate Retirement Community Operators)?

ARCO are the Associate Retirement Community Operators who ensure the retirement homes and properties available to older adults offer a high-standard of living with a range of facilities and activities.

We are not currently partnered with ARCO retirement homes in Alfreton. However, each of our properties have been hand-picked by our later living experts for their luxury on-site facilities, state-of-the-art amenities and flexible purchasing options (purchase, rental or part-rent and part-buy) across a range of property types.

More information about Retirement Homes in Alfreton

Just a short distance from the Peak District, Alfreton is a popular hotspot for retirees. Here, you’ll find a range of luxurious yet affordable retirement homes, including quaint retirement villages and state-of-the-art retirement communities.

We’ve partnered with the largest retirement home operators across the East Midlands - including Churchill Retirement Living - to showcase the best properties that are available now. Whether you’re searching for a 1-bedroom property with a balcony or a 2-bedroom retirement bungalow, there’s something for everyone.

Retirees living in any Alfreton retirement home will have various on-site amenities to explore, including wellness spas, meditation areas, fitness centres and even bar areas! There are dedicated concierge teams available too, which are ideal for any personal care needs.

Alfreton has plenty of historical landmarks to explore, as well as a vibrant arts scene. Here, you can immerse yourself in the rich Alfreton heritage and make great connections within the local community. There are plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded retirees - both in your retirement home and across the wider community.

We’ve also rounded up the best retirement properties in the nearby hotspots of Heanor, Ripley and Bolsover.