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#CareCollective > Unique Gift Ideas for Older People Who Seem to Have Everything

Unique Gift Ideas for Older People Who Seem to Have Everything

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By the time you reach old age, you’ve probably owned a great many things during your life - from books and clothing, to jewellery, ornaments and paintings.

If you have elderly loved ones, when it comes to birthdays and the festive season, you may often feel stuck for what to give them!

After all, what can you give someone who has everything? In this article, we’ll provide a few great ideas for gifting the elderly people in your life, especially if your loved one lives in a care home. Read on for some Lottie gifting inspiration.

We also have a guide highlighting some amazing gifts for your grandma.

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Digital Photo Frame

As we get older, we treasure our precious memories more and more, with many elderly people enjoying a flick through the family photo albums to recall happy moments. However, depending on how old you are, you might find you have countless photo albums - and if you live in a care home or a nursing home, or don’t have too much storage space, it might be tricky to keep them all. A digital photo frame makes the perfect gift for elderly people with lots of photos.

Example: Digital Photo Frames, Amazon

Amazon Alexa or Google Home

If your loved one lives alone, or in a room at a care home, a smart speaker might make the perfect gift. Using an Amazon Alexa, your parent or grandparent can stream music, ask questions, set alarms and reminders, find out the time or the weather, send messages and much more. They can even use it to control lights in their home, from the comfort of their bed or sofa. Smart speakers can help to reduce feelings of isolation and make it easier for your loved one to get information if they need it.

Example: Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon

Custom Photo Puzzle

If your elderly parents or grandparents love to do puzzles to relax, why not get them a personalised photo puzzle? Simply choose your photo, upload it to the site and voila - a personalised puzzle your loved one will treasure. Why not do the puzzle as a family

Example: Personalised Photo Puzzle, Photo Box

Massage Pillow

When we get old, we tend to get more aches, pains and stiffness in our joints. If your elderly loved one has tried massages, essential oils and hot water bottles, why not treat them to a massage pillow? Massage pillows can be heated up to relieve aching necks or backs - and some models even offer light vibrations to smooth out knots and release tension.

Example: Rechargeable Shiatsu Pillow,

Gift Basket

Show your elderly parents or grandparents you know them with a surprise gift basket of all their favourite treats. This could be a box of their preferred tea, their favourite chocolate or sweets, a magazine or two and some bath salts - or you could pop in puzzle books, knitting supplies, wine or brandy and DVDs for them to watch.

Example: Gift Hampers, Smart Gift Solutions

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Recordable Book

If your loved one has young grandchildren, why not get them a recordable book or photo album? Unique and special, recordable books are highly personalised gifts that mean grandparents can listen to their grandchildren or great grandchildren reading a story to them, anytime they like. This is ideal for care home residents who can’t see their family members every day.

Example: Recordable Books, Amazon

Colouring Book

Colouring books aren’t just for children - and in fact, they make great mindfulness tools for older people too. Studies have shown that colouring in can be a relaxing activity that helps to relieve boredom and stress, especially on rainy days where you can’t go outside. There are so many different adult colouring books to choose from, so why not get your loved one a few?

Example: Colouring Books, Alzheimers

Robotic Vacuum

When we get old, tidying up becomes more of a chore than ever. Achy backs and sore knees mean that often we can’t bend down to pick things up, while the thought of hoovering is enough to make us need a lie down. Enter the robotic hoover - a clever invention that automatically moves around the home to sweep up dust and debris in hard-to-reach places.

Example: Robotic vacuum cleaners, Roomba

Key Finder

Getting old unfortunately means becoming more forgetful. If your elderly loved one has trouble remembering where they’ve put their house keys or car keys, a key finder could be just the thing they need. You can even get a pack of receivers that can be attached to keys, TV remotes, mobile phones, wallets and more to ensure that nothing goes missing. When your loved one has lost an item, all they need to do is press the colour-coded button and follow the sound.

Example: Key Finders, Amazon

SAD Lamp

When winter draws in, the nights get darker and the days colder, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can set in. For elderly people who live alone, SAD can really affect mental health. If your loved one struggles with feeling low in the winter, why not get them an SAD or light therapy lamp? This special lamp mimics outdoor light to brighten up your loved one’s day and is ideal for those who aren’t as able to get out and about.

Example: Light Therapy Lamp, John Lewis

Magnifying Glass

If your elderly parent or grandparent loves doing the crossword or puzzling over a Sudoku, but their eyesight isn’t what it used to be, a magnifying glass makes a simple but effective gift. If you want to go big, you can even get a special projector that they can use to read books, do the crossword, or look at family photos with ease.

Example: Magnifying Glasses, Amazon

Wheelchair Blanket

If your elderly relative or friend uses a wheelchair, a wheelchair blanket makes a thoughtful present. A soft and cosy blanket that wraps around the legs without dragging on the floor or getting caught in the wheels of the chair, some versions have Velcro loops to keep them safely in place, while others have hand warmer pockets, perfect for chilly days.

Example: Wheelchair Blankets, Etsy

Gift Cards and Experiences

Rather than a material possession, a gift card or an experience make fantastic gifts for anyone. Theatre trips, cooking classes, sports events, concerts, spa days and restaurants are just some of the many options you can select from. Treat your loved one to a special outing they’ll never forget and make happy memories to treasure forever. Alternatively, you could go for a delivery service that will deliver flowers, wine or gourmet snacks to your special person’s door every month.

Example: Gifts for Grandparents, Virgin Experience Days

Charity Donation

For that person who really does have everything, a donation in their name to charity could be a gift they’ll really appreciate. You can also buy a charity gift to help vulnerable families, communities and children around the world - and your loved one will get news and updates from that charity for a year.

Example: Charity Gifts, ActionAid

We’re on a mission to support individuals and their loved ones throughout each stage of their later living journey. For more information, check out everything Lottie has to offer.

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