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Retirement Homes in Kempston

Compare retirement homes in Kempston available to buy or rent.

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  1. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £140,000 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Village2.02 miles from centerBedford, MK42 6EAThe ExtraCare Charitable Trust
  2. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £225,000 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Community3.58 miles from centerBedford, MK41 8FBMcCarthy Stone Resales
  3. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £224,999 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Community8.97 miles from centerOlney, MK46 2HHMcCarthy Stone
  4. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £1,815 Monthly1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Community10.45 miles from centerMilton Keynes, MK7 7FHMcCarthy Stone
  5. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £170,000 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Village10.60 miles from centerMilton Keynes, MK15 9EDThe ExtraCare Charitable Trust
  6. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £182,500 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Village14.14 miles from centerMilton Keynes, MK5 6GJThe ExtraCare Charitable Trust
  7. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £281,700 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Community14.73 miles from centerMilton Keynes, MK4 4DDMcCarthy Stone
  8. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £275,000 Purchase1 bedLiving Type: Community14.80 miles from centerHertfordshire, SG5 2JRMcCarthy Stone Resale
  9. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £379,950 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Community14.92 miles from centerHitchin, SG5 2EJChurchill Retirement Living
  10. Purchase Types
    For Sale
    From £290,000 Purchase1 - 2 bedsLiving Type: Community15.40 miles from centerMilton Keynes, MK11 1HTMcCarthy Stone Resales

Frequently asked questions about retirement properties in Kempston

How many retirement villages are in or near Kempston?

Retirement villages are a great way to ease yourself into later life. There are 26 senior living villages in - or closeby - to Kempston.

What retirement communities are in or near Kempston?

We have 7 retirement communities in or around Kempston for you to browse, including;

Where can I buy a retirement home in Kempston?

Buying a senior home in Kempston provides you with a greater sense of safety and security in later life. Purchasing a retirement home is a good investment too and there's lots of options for you to choose from in Kempston. Use our filters above to showcase any properties in Kempston to buy.

Where can I rent a retirement home in Kempston?

More retirees than ever before are renting senior housing. Before deciding whether to rent or purchase, you should check the average cost of retirement homes in Kempston. Alternatively, Lottie's team of retirement experts can help - simply get in touch today. Searching for your new home in Kempston is easy: use our filters above to browse our listings.

Are Any Retirement Properties in Kempston A Member Of ARCO (Associate Retirement Community Operators)?

ARCO are the Associate Retirement Community Operators who ensure the retirement homes and properties available to older adults offer a high-standard of living with a range of facilities and activities.

We are not currently partnered with ARCO retirement homes in Kempston. However, each of our properties have been hand-picked by our later living experts for their luxury on-site facilities, state-of-the-art amenities and flexible purchasing options (purchase, rental or part-rent and part-buy) across a range of property types.

More information about Retirement Homes in Kempston

Nestled in the heart of Bedfordshire, Kempston is the perfect spot to retire. Here, you’ll find picturesque views across Bedford, vibrant markets and welcoming retirement developments that are available now.

Retirees can explore the charming Kempston town centre, with its quaint cafés, shops and restaurants to explore. There are also plenty of options for leisurely walks along the river, along with lots of social activities and groups for over 60s.

There’s a real sense of belonging and companionship at every Kempston retirement development. Whether that’s in a larger retirement community or a smaller retirement village, residents are welcomed into their new surroundings.

You can choose to either rent or purchase your retirement home, depending on the property you choose and its operator. We’ve rounded up the very best retirement living options in Kempston, with operators like McCarthy Stone and Churchill Retirement Living, including stunning retirement communities.

Each property has its own unique character and charm, with modern amenities and stunning views of the local Kempston countryside. You’ll find 1 and 2-bedroom properties for you to choose from, with open-plan living spaces and private gardens. Many of our homes listed above have on-site guest suites, so your loved ones can visit too.