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Location Guides > 11 Things to Do For Elderly People in Leicester

11 Things to Do For Elderly People in Leicester

The town hall in Leicester

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Widely thought to be the birthplace of the modern English language, Leicester is one of the oldest cities in England, and one of the most culturally diverse. Situated in the East Midlands (on the eastern edge of the National Forest) Leicester presents an ideal day out for older folk looking to immerse themselves in a city rich in history and rural life.

Here are the top 11 things for elderly people to do in the City of Leicester.

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1. Visit Leicester Cathedral

Located in the heart of Leicester’s medieval Old Town, Leicester Cathedral is a grade II listed building that’s built on the site of an ancient Roman temple. Surrounded by peaceful gardens, this Gothic church contains the last resting place of King Richard III, who was famously discovered beneath a nearby car park.

2. Check Out the King Richard III Visitor Centre

The King Richard III Visitor Centre is the only museum where you can get the full scoop on the discovery of the long-dead monarch’s body. As the recipient of the 2018 Best Museum award in the Group Leisure and Travel Awards, the Centre offers an in-depth look at the monarch’s life.

3. Stroll Through Leicester Market

Established over 700 years ago, Leicester Market is one of England’s oldest trade hubs and market squares. Once a modest farmer’s bazaar, today the Market is a public piazza for all things Leicester.

Visit the Food Hall for a great range of fresh, organic meats and deli items. Or if you fancy something green, check out the outdoor area, where stalls of fresh fruit, vegetables, and household goods are available.

4. Walk To Abbey Park

If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can’t do much better than Leicester’s Abbey Park. Split by the River Soar, the gorgeous green space offers an array of activities for old-timers.

For those limited in speech and movement, why not take a walk through the sensory garden? Or, if you fancy a ride, take a trip on the Abbey Park miniature railway - it’s open every Sunday.

Summer visitors will find the Pet’s Corner populated with an assortment of furry little animals to meet and pet.

5. Take a Trip To National Space Centre

Exploration Drive, LE4 5NS. This is the address of England’s iconic National Space Centre - and it’s conveniently located in Leicester. Discover a plethora of space age technology inside the Centre’s six galleries, including the UK’s largest planetarium and the Rocket Tower.

The Centre is a great day out for all ages, especially for those with an appetite for the unknown.

Ticketing information for the National Space Centre can be found on the official website. Over 16s must pay £16.50 per ticket.

6. Explore the Tropical Birdland

Huddled on the northern outskirts of Desford village is the popular Tropical Birdland. Home to over 250 free-flying exotic birds, the sanctuary stretches over six and a half acres of beautiful countryside.

Whether you’re an ornithologist or nature-lover, this little gem is the perfect place to spend several hours, and make some new feathery friends.

Ticketing information for the Tropical Birdland can be found on the official website. Seniors and Concession (Disabled Adult) visitors pay £7.35 per ticket, while carers pay £3.50.

7. Walk Through Bradgate Park

Not only is Bradgate Park the only medieval deer park in the East Midlands, it also contains some of the oldest rocks in England. Spread over 850 acres, the bracken-filled park is brimming with sights and sounds you can’t find anywhere else.

Explore the ‘Old John’, a folly that stands atop the park’s tallest hill, or visit Bradgate House, the 16th century home of the ancient English noble family, the Greys.

Bradgate is an excellent place to spend the afternoon. Visitors to Leicester should not skip out on the opportunity to walk through this peaceful park.

8. Visit Abbey Pumping Station

Easily spotted by its 150 foot chimney, the imposing Abbey Pumping Station is one of the country’s most interesting Victorian museums. Containing a series of fascinating exhibits, the Station provides visitors with a walk through British history like no other.

One of the museum’s most famous exhibits is its four beam engines. These proprietary engines were used to pump sewage and waste away from the city.

General entry to the Abbey Pumping Station is free on most days, but look out for special events!

9. Tour Leicester Guild Hall Museum

The Grade II listed Guild Hall is Leicester’s oldest building - and it’s still in use to this day! For nearly 630 years, the Hall has been used for various purposes by the denizens of historic Leicester, including as a banquet hall, theatre, library, and town hall.

Today, the timber-framed building operates as a museum. Open from 11:00 till 4:30pm Monday to Sunday, this legendary landmark is a must for families and friends.

Visitors can peek into the annals of history with the museum’s series of interactive performances - but remember, the Hall is revered as one of Leicester’s most haunted buildings!

10. Visit Attenborough Arts Centre

For lovers of art and culture, the University of Leicester’s Attenborough Arts Centre hosts three exciting exhibitions each and every year. Fully accessible for wheelchair users, the Centre is a great place for elderly folk to experience an abundance of contemporary art and world culture.

11. Survey the Great Central Railway

In the late sixties, steam engines chugged their way into obscurity and were replaced by diesel trains. Today, those with fond memories of times gone by can witness the last working steam trains in England make their way across the main line heritage railway, the Great Central.

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