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Carer’s Allowance Supplement - How It Works

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If you’re already receiving Carer’s Allowance and you live in Scotland, you should automatically receive the Carer’s Allowance Supplement.

Keep reading to learn more about the Carer’s Allowance Supplement, including how it works, how much it pays and whether you’re eligible.

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In this article:

  1. What is the Carer’s Allowance Supplement?
  2. Who is eligible for the Carer’s Allowance Supplement?
  3. How much is Carer’s Allowance Supplement?

What is the Carer’s Allowance Supplement?

Carer’s Allowance Supplement is a payment for people who live in Scotland and receive Carer’s Allowance on a set date. If you’re living in Scotland and you’re already receiving Carer’s Allowance, you’ll automatically receive the supplement.

This is paid twice a year by Social Security Scotland.

This carer benefit was brought in by the Scottish Government as a temporary payment until Carer’s Allowance is replaced by a new Scottish benefit. It was introduced to quickly increase the amount of Carer’s Allowance paid to carers in Scotland.

For more information, check out our guide on Carer’s Allowance.

Who Is Eligible For the Carer’s Allowance Supplement?

You’ll receive Carer’s Allowance Supplement if, on the ‘qualifying date’, you:

Carer’s Allowance Supplement should be paid automatically, so there’s no need to apply for it.

If you only have an underlying entitlement to Carer’s Allowance, or you get a carer element in your Universal Credit but don’t get Carer’s Allowance itself, you aren’t eligible for this. If you get a carer element in your Universal Credit, you should claim Carer’s Allowance in order to get a Carer’s Allowance Supplement. However, you can’t do this if your earnings are too high to get Carer’s Allowance.

In some cases, you can apply for Carer’s Allowance Supplement if you live in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland. You can apply for the supplement from outside Scotland through

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Qualifying dates

There is a qualifying date every six months. In 2023, the qualifying dates are:

  • 10th April
  • 9th October

You don’t have to claim Carer’s Allowance for the entire six months - just on the qualifying date.

If you were entitled to Carer’s Allowance on the qualifying date but weren’t getting any payments as you were receiving another benefit instead, you won’t get Carer’s Allowance Supplement. This is sometimes known as having an ‘underlying entitlement’ to Carer’s Allowance.

How Much Is Carer’s Allowance Supplement?

Carer’s Allowance Supplement for 2023 is £270.50 per payment (and it is paid twice a year).

This payment is a lump sum that covers a six-month period, either:

  • June 2023 to November 2023
  • December 2023 to May 2024

Regardless of how much Carer’s Allowance you receive, the amount of Carer’s Allowance Supplement you get will remain the same.

The next two payments are:

  • £270.50 from 9th June 2023 (you’ll have received this payment if you were getting Carer’s Allowance on 10th April 2023)
  • £270.50 in December 2023 (you’ll get this payment if you’re receiving Carer’s Allowance on 9th October 2023)

When is the Carer’s Allowance Supplement paid?

You can expect to receive a letter before your Carer’s Allowance Supplement payment. This letter will let you know when you’ll be paid.

If you were eligible on the first qualifying date in April 2023 then you will have been paid from June 2023

If you’re eligible on the second qualifying date in October 2023 then you’ll be paid in December 2023.

This payment will be made the same way your Carer’s Allowance is paid.

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