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Welcome to Seniorcare by Lottie

An introduction to the UK’s leading eldercare employee benefit solution

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Catch-up with the latest insights and discussions about care and work

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How does eldercare compare to childcare?

1 min watch

How does our Care Concierge service work?

1 min watch

The Four Major Issues Caused by Eldercare in the Workplace

1 min watch

An introduction to Seniorcare

2 mins watch

The Carers Leave Act

60 mins watch

Spotlight on Seniorcare: Meet Ruby

2 min watch

Spotlight on Seniorcare: Meet Hannah

2 min watch

Insights: Eldercare in the Workplace

A collection of engaging videos, guides and insights for leading Benefits Professionals

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The Lottie Podcast...

Employee benefits like you've never seen it before...

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Episode 1: Lydia from talks about her eldercare experience

4 min watch

Episode 2: Different Community Types

2 mins watch

Episode 3: What is the Care Concierge service?

1 min watch

Episode 4: The Power of a Community Network

2 min watch

Episode 5: Dr Sarah Bateup on being a Sandwich Carer

4 min watch

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