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Lottie has been founded by the UK’s leading experts in digital marketing.

  • Qualified Leads & Increased Admissions

    Connect with Lottie’s national audience of qualified leads and benefit from a complementary second source of resident enquiries.

  • Cost efficient & zero operator bias

    Lottie offers care partners cost-efficient digital results. Our fee model is impartial and doesn’t allow for operator bias or care home boosting.

  • Pioneering data insights

    Lottie’s care partners receive free access to Lottie’s unrivalled data insights including consumer preferences, listing performance and sector trends.

  • Positive press & social content

    Lottie is leading the global transformation to modern and sustainable care. Be part of our movement and benefit from regular features in our positive media content.

How Lottie Works

Register your interest to become a Care Partner of Lottie!

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Register your interest

Interested in becoming a Care Partner of Lottie? Register your care group’s interest by contacting us here.

Screening process

After you have registered your interest, we’ll do some checks on your care group to make sure you are the right fit for Lottie’s marketplace. Following this, we’ll provide you a demonstration of the platform and undertake some in person inspections at a sample of your care homes.

Dress to impress

Once approved as a Care Partner of Lottie, it’s time to tell our audience what makes your care home’s special. We’ll ask you to fill in a short information request and to send us your best quality care home media files. Lottie’s marketing team are always on hand to assist and provide you advice during the onboarding process.

Qualified leads & increased admissions

Receive increased resident enquiries straight away by connecting with Lottie’s national audience of active care seekers. We’ll be supporting our care seeker clients every step of way to ensure the enquiry process is as straightforward as possible. Our team will also provide you regular updates on how well your care homes are performing, as well as free access to our data insights.

Powerful data insight

Make smarter business decisions with Lottie’s pioneering data insights.

Lottie’s data products reveal powerful and unrivalled insights into the UK’s elderly care market, including consumer preferences, performance insights and sector trends.

Our data services are supporting care providers and other key sector stakeholders make smarter business decisions. As well as helping care operators improve their existing services and become more profitable, Lottie’s data insights will assist private investors to better understand the sector, financial lenders to underwrite investment opportunities and healthcare developers to build the care homes of the future.

And Lottie’s insights are just the beginning! Our team of sector experts are currently working on several new data initiatives and are consistently looking at different ways to support our care partners and the market’s other key stakeholders.

To find out more and to understand how Lottie’s data insight services can help your organisation, please register your interest here.

Lottie is proud to partner with the UK’s best care home providers

Our care partners are handpicked and undergo a strict vetting process before making it onto the Lottie website.

Barkley Care
Care UK
Cinnamon Care
Greensleeves Care
Hamberley Care
Signature Care Homes

5* Customer Service

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our past care seekers had to say about Lottie.

A typical care home
  • Anne - Lottie Care Seeker

    ”We wanted mum to be closer to us, but we were struggling to find somewhere within our budget and in the right location. We contacted Lottie who knew about a new development that was due to open soon, and still had a few apartments available. Mum is now part of a wonderful community, thank you Lottie!”

  • Patrick - Lottie Care Seeker

    “Lottie matched my dad to an amazing local care home we had never come across before. The home’s staff are fantastic, and it’s been incredibly reassuring to see my father cared for so well over the past couple of months. Thank you, Lottie!”

  • Victoria - Lottie Care Seeker

    “I highly recommend Lottie to anyone going through the stressful care home search process. Lottie’s team handled everything from start to finish and sourced my mum an outstanding care facility near my family’s home in Surrey. Mum couldn’t be happier!”



Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Lottie! If your question does not feature below, please do get in touch.

Can any care home operator advertise with Lottie?

No. Lottie is committed to working with the UK’s best care home operators, who not only provide outstanding care to its residents, but also offer a thriving home environment and an ethical service. All prospective care partners undergo the same vetting process, which involves care quality checks, an internal grading system and in-person home inspections. If you are interested in becoming a care partner of Lottie, please register your interest here.

How does Lottie make money?

Lottie is able to keep its service free for care seekers by taking a small pre-agreed commission from its care partners for every successful resident placement we make. Our placement fee differs between permanent and respite residencies.

Can I boost my care home profile?

No. We do not allow for care home profiles to be boosted on the marketplace. Lottie is committed to delivering an impartial service to its care seeker clients and will never allow for operator bias on platform.

Are there any legalities I should be aware of?

Yes. All of Lottie’s care partners are required to sign our Care Partner Services Agreement (“CPSA”). Lottie’s CPSA sets out our requirements for our care partners including their responsibilities and the expected service standards we expect them to uphold.

Does Lottie provide any additional services?

Yes. From time to time, we offer our care partners additional services which include, but not limited to, data services and media creation, such as organising professional photography and virtual tours. If you are interested in benefiting from Lottie’s additional services, please register your interest here.